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Cars are far more complicated today than ever before and Matt’s Import Haven is dedicated to keeping on the cutting edge of an ever changing industry. We are fanatics (in the good sense) about performing only the necessary and needed services or repairs your vehicle requires using the correct fluids, high quality parts and our years of training. We specialize in complete and thorough maintenance and repair on your import vehicle and back all our work with an 18 month, unlimited mileage warranty. Stop on in and visit us or give us a call with any questions you may have.

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Maintenance Is Better Than Repair

Here is a list of regular maintenance and some of the expensive repairs you can avoid.

Oil and Filter:

We recommend using the dealer recommended oil change interval or if you don't reach that mileage changing the oil once a year. Regular oil changes can be the difference between an engine that is still strong at 200,000 miles and one that is done at 90,000 miles. As the vehicle ages the oil change intervals should be done more frequently. More about oil changes.

Engine Coolant:

Your engine's coolant not only prevents freezing and overheating, it also prevents corrosion. It is very important to use the correct coolant for your engine and to service it at the recommended intervals. Details on engine coolant service.

Major Service:

Most vehicles have a major service about every 30,000 to 40,000 miles. This may include inspections, filters and fluids changed and spark plugs.  These major services cost money, but they can help prevent even more costly repairs to your transmission, brakes, and ignition, fuel injection and cooling systems. More about major service for your car.

Timing Belts:

Timing belts should be changed before they break. This will save you lost time and money (the cost of towing and in some cases a new engine.) Timing belts should normally be changed every 60,000,  90,000 or at 120,000 miles depending on the manufacturer. What is a timing belt? Click here.


Brakes need regular service and replacement. Nothing is more dangerous or potentially costly than a brake failure. We routinely check linings for both amount and evenness of wear during other service procedures, we use the finest modern hydraulic fluids and the best parts. Learn more about our brake service.